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  Douglas Herring  

  Resume: The Short Computer Game Form 

  November 1995 - October 2004 - Microsoft Games Studios

Art Director Microsoft Games Studios

The job requirements for this position changed a lot over the years.  It started out managing both a core group

of rover artists that supported our external titles; and large internal teams which at times including both artists

and User Experience writers and designers. As the group split into smaller studios and people were shuffled

around, the mix changed quite a lot. Overall, my responsibilities included creative support on our titles in as

many ways a possible. Cinematics, storyboards, character design, illustration, logo and cover design, pipeline

design, manual art, set-up art, all forms of asset management.


As a Studio Art Director, I primarily managed on the art level our relationship with external developers.   I

remained the primary contact for those developers for all art issues.  Diligence on prospective developers was

also an important part of the job.


And as the senior Art Director for MGS, I have been the Art representative in the four major acquisitions MGS

has done over the years; including FASA, Bungie, Ensemble Studios, and Digital Anvil.  I leveled all of the

artists as they entered Microsoft and wrote the Game Artist ladder currently still in use by HR.   


Studio X: Art Director

With a major re-org in 2001, internal development went out of my studio and I had a team of two Art Leads

remained to support the following externally developed titles, all of which save Rise of Nations were Xbox titles. 

Work often included box art, marketing support, and print production; along with supporting the external dev in

any way possible. 


B.C. (to be released?)

Rise of Nations

Tao Feng


Kakuto Chojin

Munch's Odyssee


Action/Strategy Games Group (AAS):  Art Director Internal properties

At this point, overseeing a large staff of artists, including two full teams from FASA.  Each of these projects had

their own Art Lead reporting directly to me who was responsible for the on-going production:

MechWarrior 4

MechCommander 2

Pandora's Box 


Action/Strategy Games Group (AAS):  Art Director External properties

As the AAS Art Director, I touched the following externally developed PC games to some degree:

Crimson Skies Internal team did the entire UI


Asheron's Call


Urban Assault



Age of Empires:  Internal Art Director/Content Lead

On the Microsoft side, I lead the internal content creation, working with Ensemble Studios before they were

acquired by MS.  Work included the technology trees, set-up art, and all manual related art.   On Age of

Empires II, I also spent time in Dallas helping Ensemble re-engineer their animation pipeline. 

Age of Empires

Rise of Rome Expansion pack

Age of Empires II

Age of Conquerors Expansion pack


Close Combat:  Internal Art Director/Content Lead

Content Lead on Microsoft's side for the three CC games we published with Atomic Games.  I managed the

User Education team, overseeing all aspects of the manuals including writing and art.  Actually wrote and

edited all of the videos in CCI and was the producer on the videos for CCII and III.  Also directed the

internal team that did all of the game maps for CCII.

Close Combat

Close Combat II: A Bridge Too Far

Close Combat III: The Russian Front   

October 1991 -- 1995 -- Free Lance Work

            Shannara (Legend Entertainment): Art Director

Adventure game based on the award winning Shannara novels by Terry Brooks, licensed property from

Random House.  Major release - Fall 1995.  Legends last and best selling game. 


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Hunt (Paramount Interactive & Tachyon): Art Director

Work included total art design, animation and background key frames and layout for this Adventure game

based on the TV series.  Art was 95% done and I had already moved on when Paramount put the project

on hold.


The Ring of Doom (Electronic Arts):  Animator

Based on the Lord of the Rings, animated a number of key characters for this Sega game.  Specializing in

monster types, including Orcs and the Balrog of Moria.  Game never shipped.


MIG-29: Falcon 3.0 Module (Spectrum Holobyte):  UI Designer

 All User Interface screens, including opening splash everything 2D save the cockpits.


Archon Ultra (Free Fall Associates):  Fantasy Quadruped and Avian Animator

If it wasn't a bipedal humanoid, I animated it; including the Sphinx, the Phoenix, the Unicorn, the Manticore,

the Pegasus, etc.  


Spider-Man Vs. Kingpin Sega CD version (Monkey Business): Art Director

This was an expansion on the original Sega release.  I did all of the new character designs, animations, and

environments; along with a major re-imaging of the art done for the original.  Also storyboarded all of the video

 sequences and listed as co-designer. 


Ringworld: the Return (Tsunami):  Game Designer - Art Designer

Based on the Known Space Novels by Larry Niven, the 1992 release Ringworld: Revenge of the Patriarch

is based on my game and art design.  I left the project early and most of my design was re-worked.  However,

90% of the art was done under my direction.  

June 1988 - October 1991 - Sierra On-Line 

Space Quest I VGA:  Director - Art Designer - Painter - Animator


Castle of Dr. Brain:  Art Designer - Lead Animator


Mixed-Up Fairy Tales:  Art Designer - Animator


Quest for Glory III: Wages of War:  Preliminary Storyboards


EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus:  Preliminary Storyboards


King's Quest V:  Team Leader - final Art Director The best selling Adventure Game of all time

First major VGA game published - Holiday 1990


Quest for Glory II: Trial by FireArt design desert section - Combat System


Conquests of Camelot:  In-house Art Designer - lead animator - endgame combat system


The Colonel's Bequest:  Art Designer - lead artist and sole animator


Leisure Suit Larry II:  15% of the pictures and animation.

May 1988 - August 1982 - Before Games.  

Art Director of KIXE-TV, the PBS affiliate in Redding CA.  Duties included all graphic design, set design and

construction.  All photography, all character generator, and computer paint system design.  Field and studio cameraman.

Field and studio lighting tech. Editor (3/4" & 1 A-B roll).  Specialized in real-time character generator work for done

for live productions such as Sports events, parades, auctions, and pledge breaks.  Directed a number of projects, both

in-house work, and contract productions for the State of California.  Producer on two music specials.  


           * * * * * * * *


I have also been a working illustrator since High School.  Preferred mediums include watercolor and ink, but I have

working in just about every medium; from sculpture, to oils, to the digital world.  Past clients include: Kimberly-Clark

Corporation, The Comics Journal, Comic Buyers' Guide, Street Publications, Fantagraphics, Marvel

Comics, Malibu Publishing, Oracle Magazine, Horizon Magazine, Redding Medical Center, Pulphouse

Publishing, Electronic Arts.


The Fantastic genres have been an integral part of my life since childhood.  Comics, Science Fiction books-film-TV,

and Role-playing and other forms of gaming.  I maintain a huge collection of related reference material; you can never

have enough reference in my opinion. My comic book-pulp-digest collection has been going on steadily for thirty plus

years and shows little sign of slowing.  Finding a place to put it all is my only issue.   


In the games industry, I have been very fortunate to have my interests match up with my projects.  Between fantastic

properties such as Ringworld, Star Trek, and Spider-Man; and historical properties, such as Age of Empires and

Close Combat; I have been very fortunate indeed.   I would love to see that trend continue...